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How a Bounce House Changes A Party

You’ve been to countless parties with your child. Neighborhood kids, cousins, and kids from school all have a party each year, and you accompany your child to them. Now it’s your turn to host a birthday party, and the way you make it stand out is to have a bounce house! Birthdays are a social event, and making them unique and fun is easier when a bounce house is included. The vibrant colors paired with the theme design and the sparkle they bring to a child’s eyes makes it a no-brainer.

On top of bounce houses, it’s important to check with the inflatable rental company because they may have other party supply rentals that could add to the fun dynamic of your party. For instance, chair rentals, table rentals, and pony rentals may be available, and the convenience of everything in one place is too good to pass up. King Party Rental offers this and more to make organizing your event easy and headache-free. Contact us today to get the jump on planning your event!


There are numerous benefits to having a bounce house at your party. Consider the following:

  • Cost
  • Easy set-up and breakdown
  • Socializing occasion
  • Stimulates children’s mind & body
  • Wide array of choices


The first thing that catches everyone off guard is the price for renting a bounce house. You can normally find a standard bounce house for about $100 to $250 for the entire day. It’s surprising to know that you can find something for such an economical rate, and you might even be able to get a better rate if you order supplemental items such as a pony, snow cone, or trackless train. See if the company you’re ordering from has a combination package deal, and chances are, they will offer a reduced price for the bounce house.


When you get a bounce house rental, the inflatable rental company will provide a staff member to quickly inflate and deflate it for you. What this means is that you don’t have to worry about the hassle of preparing the contraption, or worry about any problems such as a hole causing it to not fill properly. Additionally, since this will be the center of attention for the party, you don’t have to splurge on other decorations.


While a party brings people together, it can also be an unsettling experience as parents can feel uncomfortable with being around strangers. A bounce house changes that because children are having fun together, bouncing and jumping around to their heart’s content, and parent’s can share a common bond with watching the children together. Some enterprising adults may even decide to jump in and share in the fun.


A child’s motor-sensory senses are developing at an early age, and bounce houses give them the chance to jump, climb, slide, and bounce around. Instead of sitting inside and watching cartoons, or playing video games and being generally sedentary, this gives children a chance to get outdoors and work on their social skills. The exercise they receive is great cardio, and navigating the bounce house involves a physical coordination and focus that will challenge them.


Bounce houses have come a long way in the different themes offered. Does your child want to have a pirate-themed party? There’s a bounce house for that. How about a princess or unicorn-themed party? You guessed it, there’s a bounce house for that. If it’s summer and you tell your invitees to bring a swimsuit, you can get a bounce house with a water slide. Even obstacle course bounce houses are available to challenge and test your guests.

Having a bounce house at your next birthday party or event will make your event the one not to be missed. Watch the RSVP’s pile up with the anticipation of a bounce house on the premises. Your child’s eye will light up, and they will skip around in excitement because you made the decision to make your child’s party be different from all the rest! Contact King Party Rental to learn how we can make a party into an amazing event!

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